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Limousine Services Sydney

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Welcome to Sydney Limousine Hire

Limo Hire Sydney

If you are looking for Sydney Limo Company  for your special occasion, go no further than Sydney Limo. Our limousines are popular in the city and beyond. From the ever present 6 seaters to the majesty of the mighty Stretch <airport limo there are limos running around Sydney 7 days a week both night and day.



Sydney Limo Company

How much is a limo to hire in Sydney

? Well the answer is anything from $99 per hour thru to $599 per hour depending on what you want and when you want it.

Sydney Airport Limo

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September is Back to Business Travel Month – Save 15% Off All Airport Rides

’s never easy exchanging flip-flops for loafers, but with summer ending, it’s time to get back on the road for business. To help ease your transition, between now and Friday, October 12th, we’re giving you 15% off all rides to-and-from the airport.



Back to Business Travel – 15% Off Airport Rides


Additionally, we’ll be awarding one lucky road warrior with a year’s worth of FREE airport car and limo services

(see official rules for prize details)


Sydney Airport Limousine Hire

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Sydneylimocompany  Airport limo is iced and ready for the party to arrive at Syd International Airport . If you’ve ever had the experience of being a passenger on an inbound flight to Sydney, one can attest that with the announcements of the captain welcoming you to “Sydney”


There is a certain joyful anxiety of an enigmatic thought that is impregnated into the subconscious of each and every passenger aboard. It’s a second wind where they can disrobe their innermost desires & lusts, thus shedding their puritan form and allowing their inner “monkey” demons to prevail into a rage most people would never admit to it!


Upon arrival every single soul on that aircraft is met with a tingle sparked from their central nervous system, overtaking any sense of control they may have left before their motor neurons become oblivious to reason. It’s time to Party!


Out they catapult from the aircraft and their first form of greeting is slot machines with false promises of fortune. If you are strong willed enough to resist, then you will begin proceeding towards baggage claim.


In baggage claim your Sydneylimocompany driver is eagerly awaiting your arrival, because he or she well knows that in their prospective client there is no “false” promise of revenues, one way or another they will make their money, it’s just a matter of how much and how easily those dollars will be attained.


Thousands of people dashing towards the escalator that leads them down into the arrival baggage claim area. Radiant smiles, beautiful people with anxious anonymity. Any limo driver can confirm this; as soon as they take that first step of the escalator on the Sydney ground there is a 400 pound gorilla jumping on their back, you can see it clear in their eyes as they change. With a red toxic glimmer, their eyes are locked and greetings exchanged;


Sydney Chauffeur Cars

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Corporate, special occasion and customized transportation

 Sydneylimocompany. Your ground transportation partner. Our diverse fleet — from motor coaches to vintage classics, sedans to limousines — easily accommodates a couple or a crowd. Our professional drivers are attentive to your every request, while our experienced customer service representatives develop and execute precise travel plans tailored just for you.


Experience the Grand Difference – and the many ways to Be Driven.

Sydney Corporate Limousine

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Sydney Metro area has always taken pride in the fact that we boast such a wide range of outdoor activities, but it is the winter time that really brings excitement to local residents and fetches a large crowd of out-of-towners.


The winter snow offers activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling- and Tahoe/Truckee has a resort, trail, or hill for each of these events.  Sydney Limo Company ,  Taxi, and Airport Mini-Bus make it easy for locals and out-of-towners to get from the Reno area to any ski resort. If you are flying into  Airport and need a lift, reserve a limo or sedan for a nice, comfortable, beautiful ride up to the mountain. If you need a lift from anywhere in the Huntervelly, just call and we will arrange a pickup. Our knowledgeable drivers will be happy to assist you!